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Ken Miller speaks to over 5,000 government managers a year and is consistently rated the top speaker at every event. Whether its humorous keynote addresses or 3-day intensive academies, Ken’s presentations are both enlightening and entertaining, and give people tools they can use immediately to make a difference. The workshops are fully customizable and come in varying lengths to fit your needs. Each is available as a full workshop with concepts, tools and application exercises or as shorter executive presentations or keynote speeches.

We Don’t Make Widgets
We Don’t Make Widgets Academy
Better, Faster, Cheaper
Customer-Centered Government
Leading Improvement Teams

In addition to the very popular We Don’t Make Widgets keynote, Ken offers keynote addresses on the following topics:

Customer satisfaction without surveys
Why customer service is not enough
How to help government go 80% faster
How to run a successful change initiative
Performance measurement made simple
It’s not a people problem
Technology is not the solution because technology is not the problem

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“The We Don't Make Widgets Academy was one of the most valuable performance-oriented sessions I've attended.  Ken cuts through the jargon
and hype and provided a practical approach that I implemented immediately and successfully when I returned to my agency. I highly recommend this session to any public servant interested creating citizen-centric, results-oriented government.” - Executive Consultant at the U.S. Department of Treasury

“Ken’s sense of humor and real-life examples regarding customers and innovation was extremely helpful. This workshop needs no improvements!”
- Program Analyst at the U.S. General Services Administration

“I would not improve a thing for this event! You are all excellent in the way of customer service. Ken is very engaging and my co-worker and I hope to use the techniques we learned in the very near future. Many thanks!” - Policy Technician at the US Department of Justice


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