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Ken Miller is the founder of the Change and Innovation Agency, a firm dedicated to helping its clients radically improve. Ken was named one of the country’s top change agents by Fast Company Magazine. He is the author of two popular books: We Don’t Make Widgets and The Change Agent’s Guide to Radical Improvement. Ken is a featured speaker, sharing his ideas and methods with audiences worldwide. He has worked with amazing people in tough environments to tackle the big issues like:

How can we best organize the resources of a community to fight poverty?
How can we overcome the barriers that prevent most inner city kids from going to college?
Where’s my tax refund?
How do we make a child abuse hotline as responsive and reliable as 911?
How can we get union workers in psychiatric facilities to say “Thank God it’s Monday”
How can we bring the radical improvements of manufacturing to the 85% of the workforce
 that doesn’t make widgets?
Why is this DMV line so brutally long?

Once Deputy Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue, Ken transformed the department into one of the few government agencies nationwide to be honored as a State Quality Award winner. The Department also reduced tax refund issuance time by 80 percent (the fastest in the nation)and cut wait times in motor vehicle offices by half.

Ken was later named Director of Performance Improvement for Missouri State Government, where he led award-winning performance measurement initiatives and a series of transformation projects saving more than $200 million overall.

Ken lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his amazing wife Jennifer and their two children Alie and Will. When not traveling, Ken enjoys playing guitar, tennis, golf and any other hobby designed to frustrate the soul. Contact Author

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